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Jan. 27th, 2012

Writer's Block: ONTD Games Giveaway


Mar. 4th, 2011


She's a beauty! Daughter Alexa is growing leaps and bounds. We couldn't love anything or anyone more.

I didn't post at all last year. Lazy girl is lazy.

Hubby's aunt just sent a picture of Eminem's slide. He is building a vacation home in Marco Island. (She lives close-by.)  His contractor has built this slide that apparently goes from the house to the ocean. Excess much? At least it's a twisty slide, which is way cooler than a plain slide.  Here's the picture:

Source: Judy's camera, my email.

Dec. 31st, 2009


Four solid days of snow in the forecast.

Happy New Year!

kthxcunxtyr, bbs.

Dec. 30th, 2009

Hello, Internet!

Yay! My first post!

Well, I have very little to write here.  The fact that I am not a writer should show how inexperienced you all will perceive me to be. Heh.

My icon is of a monument located in Gettysburg, PA. My mom, two aunts and I took a weekend trip to the historic city this past fall.  It was an adventure, let me tell you.  We didn't have enough time (though my mom would say we slept through some prime sight-seeing) but were able to see the battlefields in a way fewer people do.  We went horseback! Tres fun. The horse I rode in on (Pokey) is my mom's quarter horse.  If you could have seen this animal: prancing like a stud, acting like a tuff-guy, laying down to eat while I was still in the saddle, etc.  My body was sore after the four hour trail ride, up Little Round Top, down Big Round Top, I think.  I would recommend this trip to any equestrian, anywhere.  My aunt, who I'll call RBRiding, totally went with me on the battlefields at night. That, apparently, is a no-no. I'm not usually a rule-breaker, but I really wanted to see a ghost. Alas, nothing of importance did we see, unless you consider foxes important.  I was bummed that I didn't have a paranormal experience that night, but there is always next year.

So, it's the end of December - and the beginning of Winter - and the weather has been weird. We've had warm-snow-ice-snow-rain-ice-snow-snow-cold-warm-snow.  Wha- what? Gah, make up your mind!

Work is slow since the economy and industry bottomed out. One, teeny-tiny, shining, little, precious ray of sunshine/hope is the fact that we're getting engineering approved for plant repairs.  Also, the US has decided to do something about the Chinese steel pipe dumping. Yay for [insert industry here]!

Three things I'm working on:

1) GRAVE SURPRISE by Charlaine Harris
2) CRY WOLF & HUNTING GROUND by Patricia Briggs
3) Making the muscles in my mid-section stronger so my back will stop spasming.

My pets:

1) Silly does not have a urinary infection. Doc gave her a shot and sent her packing. WTF was an explanation in order? IDK, maybe time for a new vet.
2) Wally is still en guard.
3) Jacques and Philip are our new African Dwarf frogs.

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